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Welcome to the Denver Association of Division Order Analysts. Providing education, support and a network for those in this critical role, we believe our mission is more vital than ever in today’s challenging climate.


We all know that the industry has ups and downs, and if you’re like me, you began working in oil and gas during the upswing. Things were looking great, rigs were running full speed ahead and prices were climbing higher than ever before! New technology was opening opportunities in fields that were always too expensive to produce…and thanks to horizontal drilling plus fracing, we could drill those shale plays.


So here we are today…with record lows. We all know people who have been laid off, or are in the midst of that experience ourselves. What do we do?


I don’t have all the answers or know what the future holds, but I can promise you this: DADOA is here to support you! We’ll post any job openings we hear of. We’ll provide relevant training on topics you use every day. We’ll keep our costs as low as possible so that you can take advantage of these opportunities. We’ll do our best to maintain the network that has been the lifeblood of this organization.


We’re here for you.

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 November 14, 2016
 January 16, 2017
 March 20, 2017
 May 15, 2017
 July 17, 2017
 September 18, 2017
 November 13, 2017


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The 2st Quarter 2016 Newsletter is now available to members in the Publications in the "Members Area".




At DADOA's August Luncheon, Oil Field Helping Hands was DADOA's choice of Charities for 2016.  You may click the below link to view a video of their work.

Oilfield Helping Hands

If you would like to contribute, please send your contributions to:

Kathleen E. Madigan, E.I.T.

Senior GIS Analyst/Engineer

Director of Group Management

LT Environmental, Inc.

4600 West 60th Avenue

Arvada, Colorado  80003